♥ Assalamualaikum, Jemput Masuk! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Older Song But Deeper Meaning

I was damn bored just now..So i started to selongkar all songs in my music folders..And I realize that there are lots of oldies songs in my playlist but I haven't got the chance to listen to each one of them..I mean I do listen to oldies song but the number of songs that I know is quite small..I only know a few..Songs like Hello, Tears In Heaven and Honesty are my fav one.

And for now this song is stuck in my head..I keep on repeating this song again and again..

Sedaka Neil : You Mean Everything To Me

You are the answer to my lonely prayer
You are an angel from above
I was so lonely till you came to me
With the wonder of your love.
I don't know how I ever lived before
You are my life, my destiny
Oh my darling, I love you so
You mean everything to me
If you should ever, ever go away
There would be lonely tears to cry
The sun above would be never shine again
There would be teardrops in the sky
So hold me close and never let me go
And say our love will always be
Oh, my darling, I love you so
You mean everything to me
So hold me close and never let me go
And say our love will always be
Oh, my darling, I love you so
You mean everything to me

Org nye moden tp otak nye classic sungguh..it reminds me of my rum8..she told me so..each tyme sy melalak kt bilik dgn lagu2 yg bkn dr zaman sy ;)

alright, this oldies lover nid 2 to offlline and get on her bed now..nite everybody..

Friday, February 19, 2010


At first, I thought this tyme holiday is a blissful one for me..But, it doesn't go well as what I expected before~

Yes, I had a great time during this cny..Berjalan sana sini..Sumpah seronok ;))

But when my holiday is nearly end, I hope I can have a good rest at home before going back to unisel..But, yesterday my little brother asked me to help him in doing his science's homework..

Tetibe rase da mcm buat assignment pulak~Kena cari gmbr la,details on that particular animals and plants..

I did everything.From typing,printing and bla bla..and He did nothing.None of this work he did.Not even a single word.Plus, he gave me description for the front cover..It is an order for me to follow..*sigh*

Sy pown tatau nape sy merungut di sini..Mgkin juga sy penat melayan kerenah dy..ta tlg kecian..tp ni da bkn menolong, ni da seperti kuli.. ;((

And today, sy ta kuar rumah langsung..hurmm

Okay..whateva it is, I really need to finish all the works before tomorrow..since i'll be back to unisel on this coming sunday which is tomorrow..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

♥To My Beloved Mom♥

I wanna wish Happy 50th Birthday to my beloved mother..May Allah bless you..Though she cant read this, but one thing for sure; I love her with a special love and she always knows it~~

Okay, since today is her birthday, let me share some basic details about my great mum;

♥The name given is Kamsiah Binti Zainuddin..

♥She was born on 18th February 1960..

♥She had her first education in Methodist Girls School

♥Then, she continued her studied in SMK Mahmud

♥Later on,she went to boarding school for her Form 6 in Tunku Kurshiah College..(last time, they had students until Form 6 ;D )

♥Finally, she graduated from University of Malaya

♥And, that's how she met her soul mate; my beloved abah~

♥Now, she's married to Mr. Mohd Idrus Bin Haji Abdullah

♥She has 5 little twinkle stars which each of them has different characters..(that's for sure)

♥She lives her life happily and We all ♥ you so much

Dear Mum,

Allah made a wonderful Mother
A Mother who doesn't grow old.
Allah made her a smile of sunshine,
And a heart of pure gold.
In her cheeks placed fair roses,
In her eyes, stars that shine.
Allah made a wonderful Mother,
And that wonderful Mother is mine.

I'm grateful to be your daughter~

Semoga Allah s.w.t memberkati keluarga kita..amin ;))

Monday, February 15, 2010

This post is dedicated to him {L.O.V.E}

Juz got back from Pauline's birthday party and Aisyah nye bbq party~

Okay..both parties meriah~mkn pown best..cume emmm sy ta smpt nk mkn ayam~haha

n da best part was; Dy pakai lip balm dan losyen arini..kinda weird..

Tp, dy sgt segak dgn kemeja purple yg maseh berbau kedai lagi..ouhhh <3 him so much

Anyway, happy birthday my sweetheart; Ahmad Rasdan Bin Mohd Rashid..May Allah bless you~xoxo

To him; jgn lupe habeskn kek cawan buatan mesia tuh..plus, jgn lupe bace sume mesej2 dlm bottle tuh... ;DD

I miss you, dear~jage kesihatan anda..haha..

Friday, February 12, 2010

I feel good

Syukur alhamdulillah..finally i'm home..*relieved*

I couldn't control my emotion this morning..that's why i'm cyring like a small baby..depress, pissed off, famished n bla bla

okay xnk ungkit..skrg dlm mood yg sedang berbahagia..hey ppl, its good to be at home..

but it becomes better if u meet your loved ones..afta berjauhan for a while..i mish my beloved family and of course him..my only 1 ;PP

yeah 15th february is coming soon..what to give on his special day? hey, dun get me wrong..i do not celebrate the V day larh..im just excited bcoz dat day is his birthday..he will turn 20..welcome to the club..

pape jela kn..my dad org yg excited..he gave him a shirt dan juge classic cheese cake from secret recipe..how kewl my dad is..ngee~~

to him; u shud thank my abah ;))

plus, my mum nye birthday oso will be on this 18th...i have a special plan for her..luv my mum so much..

p/s; act sy neh sungguh excited berada di raub..di samping org2 yg sy kasihi~

nite everybody~muahhhhhhhhh

Thursday, February 11, 2010

.Super Duper Excited.

I am so excited~im goin back tomorrow~yeay~ *lompat2 kegirangan*

Cpt la abh dtg amek sy kt cni..heee

Plus, i have only rm1 in my purse..that's all i have..

tetibe rse cam nk gne kn rm1 tuh utk membeli dadih..bleh x??

so plan for tonite:

- pack all my stuff~baju kotor,lappy, stack of books n bla bla etc

-watch movie smbey mkn roti john ayam sausage black pepper ( undecided muvie..rse nk tgk horror but then i have no rum8..she's already gone back 2 kelantan..tkt la plak)

heeeee sgt gumbira even bdn maseh trase penat sgt..penat berteater..even my part is not as big as others but still a few lines i need to memorize...

"That was a very good show. All of us danced very well". { smbey pusing2 kt ats stage dgn muke yg proud n epi}

That was in chapter 1 scene 2....itu yg mampu ku hafal so far..ade ag 1 part..yg 2 pnjg sket..slalu tergagap part tuh...selain akan menghafal tarian masquerade after cny neh..

okay..sbnrnye sy xmandi lagi neh..harus ke toilet skrg..bershower,bersabun,bersyampu n bersiap utk berpesta mlm muda mudi..mari kawan2 ;))

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

missing YOU!!!!

counting the days; yes, 2 more days to go back..ouh hommie, i mish u A LOT..

there will be a replacement class on tomorrow morning..plus, i haven't finish my short notes for material selection and adaptation sbject..whoaaaa...xde mud nk wt..i'm no longer in unisel..i'm at home rite now..tlg la~~ T.T

rndu kt raub..rndu nk mkn k.tiaw kt tepi masjid 2..rndu nk melantak kepsi memlm bute..xpown mkn nasi grg usa kt gali..pastu nk g pusing2 taman tasik..then, nk g pasa kames pastu lepak2 smbey mkn kt tmn bnda..da lme xbuang duet kt tong fatt..pastu nk men kejar2 dgn babi utan kt tepi umah..rndu nk buli adek2..rndu nk kne bebel dgn mak abh..rndu nk men masak2 dgn kak susi..rndu nk lepak2 kt umah asze..wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu =(

Monday, February 8, 2010

i heart you

Apapun yang tejadi
Kau tetap ku cinta
Kau tetap ku sayang
Kerna cintamu abadi di hatiku

Sunday, February 7, 2010

.no title.

I'm done working on textbook evaluation checklist for Form 1..serioulsy, i am extremely sleepy rite now..plus i haven't iron my outfit tok kelas pg besok..i juz hate morning class esp on monday..letarghic + a bit blur + sleepy n bla bla...

Cpt la cuti cny...poket da kering..org len sume ngah berseronok dgn ptptn yg dorg dapat..ak??ptptipu pown tade..haha..

this week will be a very busy week..i guess so la..pektis dancing masquerade nye..tp pape pown xsbr nk tggu jumaat neh...my dad akan pick me up balek raub..rse pelik bile my dad willing to come n fetch me here..slalu nye dy kn argue2 dgn ak..pastu end up dgn balek sndri jugak..heee

okay..till then..goodnite uols..assalamualaikum =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

what do u have for your weekend?

I rarely stay in unisel during weekends..fyi,there is no life in this far far away land..normally, on friday morning i'll be heading up to the place where i belong to=P

But, i guess for this weekend is totally a bit different n weird for me as i have to stay in this place..since my dad banned from to see me every weekend at home..he said that cny is just around the corner so, he asked me to come back home during that time..*sigh*

At first, i agree with my abah coz i have a replacement class on friday evening at 4.30pm..plus,one of my bossom fwen, nana said she wanna stay in unisel too since we have tons of work to do..But, last morning she told me that she need to go back to ipoh coz there will be a housewarming.. =(

Yesterday was the miserable day for me..there is nothing me for me to do for this weekend..empty.alone.depress.crying.dying.and all words that end with suffix -ing T.T

Fortunately, i have a very special plan for today n tomorrow..yeah, i guess it is not a big event at all but then at least i can get rid of my home sickness..haha..plus, i can get out from this place ;PP

I haven't start any single thing on Textbook evaluation for Mdm Noraini's class..how lazy i am..well it is not bout kemalasan but then i have no mood at all to finish my work..she said she wanna see the draft first..at least 50% of the work is done..

I guess I should signing off rite now..

p/s; tlg jgn bace bwh neh..xde kene mengena at all pown..hee..saje nk saketkn ari dri sndri ;)

to ezaty;

xde pekdah pown dok ngadap laptop je..asyik men game..da la asyik kalah..bleh x off laptop n start buat tugasan yg pensyarah berikan..kalau nk tggu mood tu dtg,smpai grad pown xkn dtg nye..positif la sket..jgn jadikan alasan balek rumah bru leh wt keje..kamon zaty, this is the only weekend yg kamu xbalek..mggu depan kn da cny..cuti seminggu plak tuh..a few days more to go..nana balek pown xkn gelap dunia mu..u better sit down n finish all ur work..hah, another thing tlg la basuh sume baju tu sndri..jgn la syik mendobi je..plus, tlg jgn pk mggu neh nk mkn ape..cube diet sket..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Org org tua tua selalu ckp jgn tangguh keje..hah, inilah akibat nye..bocz of i have a super duper
great tyme last weekend smpai mls nk wt scheme of work for form 5..buku teks da bli..materials r all there but im too lazy to finish it..sbnr nye mls nk pk..mental development suda semakin
menurun..hah, n bile da balek unisel bru nk buat..ape neh zaty..maw kembali mcm dlu ke..huuu..iye2..regret for not doin my esaimen awal2.. T.T n bcoz of dat, i slept at 4.30 am yesterday..sungguh terharu kn..i am so sleepy rite now..juz now tyme nk tapau lunch pown nk tertidur da..and now supposedly sy sedang beradu..kununnye niat di hati nk gnti balek wktu tidur..tp alih2 ter-online dan ber-blogging pule..da la ptg neh ade pop kuiz for testing and evaluation..jgn la tnye npe ia nye pop kuiz..bkn dangdut kuiz ke an..huuuu...I need a strength~huh..i guess i have to stop here..i shud go and sleep otherwise, i would not be able to go to claz ptg neh...

Signing off,
.zaty gem0k.