♥ Assalamualaikum, Jemput Masuk! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rayer ke Exam Lg Pnting??

Hello ppl there...

I'm home...yeay..its gud 2 be at home..

Plus, today's journey was quite interesting..hehe

tetibe cam balek dgn ecah n intan..ehehe

da best part iz abah bnjer kwn2 unisel ak mkn..ngeh3

well, der's nothin much i wanna say

i feel great to be at home wif my dearest familia

and i cant wait for hari rayer haji

sum1 ask me what iz da diff between hari rayer haji and hari rayer korban??

well..it iz da same thing lor..hehe

hurmmm rayer2 jugak, exam is juz around da corner

will start on 2nd december and finish on 10th december

i bring all da notes back but then i dun feel lyke i wanna study

tahla ble xbwk notes i feel remorse

but wen da bwk balek haram nk bace

ape nk jd neh


till then papai~~~

roger and autttt

***mood; mls nk stadi***

Sunday, November 8, 2009

:.Merepek Merapu.:

Hey there...

♥ I haven't been around for quite a long time..I'm totally busy with my work; lesson plan,trial micro teaching,presentations, hardcopy, test n da list goes on bla bla bla...

Upcoming; da real micro teaching, presenting on; the role of imitation and correction and as well as Mr.B's research..urghh at my second thought, i don't want to be a teacher... T.T

♥ Now only i had a chance updating my bloggie..

♥Currently Im at home..Thanks God..at least when im home i dun have to worry and feeling depress at all..

♥Guys, i wanna share sumthin about my dad.If u noe him well, u are not gonna believe wat i wanna say..Broadband..yes, i've got a new maxis broadband given by ma beloved abah..Thanks a bunch..I wanna show him ma deepest gratitude...xoxo

♥Now i realize dat he's not as 'kedekut' as wat i thought previously. Now, i dun have 2 face any problems regarding surfing tnet in uniHeLL..haha..(evil laugh)

♥I've done my part for Mr.B' s hardcopies for each chapters..yeay~give a big clap 2 maself..this is a positive reinforcement, dearie..

♥U noe wat, when i'm doin on chpater 5; The physical development through childhood and adolescne..i think i've learnt sumthing new..

♥I mean how amazing da babies running through a process of infants, toodlers, pre-school, child,teens and final stage becomes an adult.

♥Babies learn how to sit, crawl and walk by themselves.What i mean here, u dun have to teach them how to sit or even you force them to crawl.

♥When the time has reached, the baby will automatically sit steadily with the support of their arms, begin to crawl using their knees and hands, and start to walk by led their hands holding onto the furniture.

♥Amazing huh?Yeap, if u dont believe me, juz take a look at ur lil sis or brother or even ur niece and nephew.

♥Previously, i'm not really aware of all this thing. I even do not bother at all ;P

♥Haha out of sudden, i'm talking bout babies..*hey dun look at me wif dat weird face*

♥Yeah, i luv 'em..they r pretty damn cute..lol

♥Owite..time passed by quickly..i tink i've 2 stop this la wei...heeee okay2 enuf of babies..

♥Till then, bubye~switch of ma lappy~get onto ma bed~closing eyes~owh babies~

P/S: Tyme aque cri graphics babies td an, i've found a kind of pervert baby.Here it is;