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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doa Bangun Tidur

Maha Pemurahnya Allah yang telah menidurkan anda dengan selamat, kemudian menyedarkan anda kembali pada saat-saat anda menghajatkan untuk bangun dari tidur.

Kemurahan Allah ini patut kita syukuri. Untuk mensyukuri kemurahan Allah tersebut bacalah doa ini bila anda bangun dari tidur.

Dari al-Barra', sabda Nabi saw:


"Segala puji bagi Allah yang telah menghidupkan kita sesudah mematikan, dan kehadapanNya kita akan kembali".

(Riwayat Muslim)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Makaroni Goreng 1 siap..!! =D

Baru pulang dari membeli brg2 keperluan *cik ti interprem jap*

Makaroni + air+minyak+garam

Rebus n toskan..pastu sile letak tepi

Bawang, tomato puree..if rase nk betul2 pedas, gune la cili kering ;)

Then, masuk kn daging cincang

Masukkan makaroni..sile la gaul

Last but not least, add mix vege atau sayur cmpur ;p

Done..! =)

p/s; You can add fishball, seafood n etc..depends pade selera masing2 ;)

Jadi, doa kite pade ni adalah doa mkn~

Allaahumma baarik lanaa fiimaa razaqtanaa wa qinna’adzaabannar.

“Ya Allah, berkatilah untuk kami dalam sesuatu yang telah Engkau kurniakan kepada kami, dan jagalah kami dari azab neraka.”

Monday, May 24, 2010

marilah berdoa

Doa Tengok Cermin

“Allahuma Kamma Hassanta Khalqii Fahassin Khuluqii”

(Ya Allah sebagaimana engkau telah memperindah kejadianku, maka perindah pula akhlaqku). (HR Ahmad)

p/s; Esok aku post doa yg lain pula =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Makaroni Goreng

this picture is taken from goggle

Desperately nak mkn makaroni goreng (T_T) Let me share a story of mine with you. Here it goes;

We got on the car, turning on the radio and heading up to Bentong..As soon as we got there, I quickly grabbed my needs. I paid and strode out from the store. Then, we stopped by at the game store.I need to put down the things for a minute since I can't carry it anymore..too heavy for me to carry for a long time. =p

I leaned my plastic bag against the chair there. I browsed through some of the ps2 games available in the store.When he done with his psp games, both of us strolled out of the store .I extremely excited to play his psp until I forgot that I left out my "makaroni goreng".

One word to describe; ringan..lighter than the air perhaps=P

I carried nothing. I did not noticed at all until I reached home. I looked around in the car. Where is my plastic bag?I thought he is the one who took it. No time for hide-and-seek hun..

Suddenly I just remember that I left the things in the shop..My eyes turned red. He knew I'm going to cry. So, he quickly took out his RM20 and give it to me. He said; its too late to return to the shop. I refused. Suda merajuk..hurm i guess its my bad..huhu..

My mum knew this. She told me; its okay..da takde rezeki..blh beli lagi..nnt mak bg duet..awww..ske2..terima kasih ^.^

So, the moral of the story is bile da beli brg jgn letak merata..nnt lupe..and today i realise one thing; Saya mmg akan terlupa bile brg tu bukan depan mata saya..tp bile teringat balik this incident, I giggle. Terasa bodoh. Terasa kelakar. Perlu ke nak nangis and sedih?Xpela, da tertulis mmg takde rezeki..k la, im signing off..see you then..salam

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nasi Goreng Vs Me


If you know me well, seriously I do not know how to cook nsi grg on my own..not even a simple one..believe it or not but that's the truth..normally, i used to get help from other ppl..and now ppl, for the first time of my life i did it by myself..!!no helper at all~wheee MyEm0.Com

I went back home last saturday afta beronggeng dgn dy..but, my parents were not at home..they were away to Kuantan..At first, I didn't noticed that lauk pauk kt bwh tudung saji da xde..so i started to face-booking, online gaming and bla bla bla..i guess around 9 pm i realized that there's nothing left for me to eat..MyEm0.Com

I was super duper hungry and my lil sis refused to accompany me to go out to get some food..i offered her nk blanjer kfc la konon nye..hurm she said NO..!! either dine in or take away..huh =.='

Nk kejutkn maid dy da off to bed..xsmpai nk hati plak..so, i text my dear and ask him to have dinner with me kt luar..he replied N0 also and he suggested to me to cook nasi grg..T.T

I was like, hurm..nasi grg?i forgot the recipe..dumb dumb me..haish MyEm0.Com

I was damn bloated so, i opened up the freezer and start to korek ape yg ade..semangat giler~MyEm0.Com

and finally, intoducing my first product ;

look stupid T.T

nasib baik betul2 masak

Alhamdulillah, nsb baek sedap..MyEm0.Comwell i guess i can cook act..cume antara nak vs taknak dan rajin vs malas jek.. ^.^

im signing off~poo poo tymeMyEm0.Com

Monday, May 17, 2010

Superb Weekend..!!

Sassy Saturday

parking lot

subway filled in our empty 'tank'

mcm lalat with a price tag =p

frustrated coz im not allowing him 2 eat ayam penyet ;D

love this shot

Sunny Sunday

Okay, this is unplanned journey..at first, nk tgk piala thomas..unfortunately, ticket da sold out..we changed our plan to putrajaya sempena hari belia n karnival jom heboh..menarik tp sumpah panas giler..wpon bwk payung Avon, tp still we can't stand the heat =.="

sengal shot 1

sengal shot 2 (pliz ignore da things at the back..bkn nk lari umah..tp mls nk angkat brg masuk umah..so,angkut tros g jalan<--dasar pemalas =p)

okay this ain't sengal anymore..taken while waiting for his brother ;D

Friday, May 14, 2010

one word; relieved.

I'm relieved..exam's over..yeay!end of semester 6..da most hectic semester..haha

btw,i can't wait for tomorrow..my big day~pulang ke rumah =)

tp sblm sy pulang, kena la beronggeng dahulu..

mane maw jln?ou?the curve?sunway?heee...

dear raub, see you soon! <---3 mggu xbalek mmg la excited

errr tp..brg2 sy xpacked lg..<---malas plak..

uhuhu...okay2..nid 2 off now..kemas brg..pastu tdo awal..esk nk drive ^.^

taaaaa.....doakn i selamat keyh kwn2