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Friday, October 19, 2012

'He' and 'She'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Those days, when I had my birthday, she prepared some goodies bags for me to bring to school so that I can give to my classmates.
Those days, when I was in my primary school, he sent me to school everyday. After school, he brought me to a sundry shop nearby our house. I can have anything I want. Ice-cream, cake, chocolates, junk food, paper doll, Ding Dang. Just name it, he never said no.

Those days, when I'm not feeling well, she really took care of me. She really make sure I eat my medicine and have a good rest.

Those days, when I'm about to sleep, he read me a book or told me a bed time story. I don't mind keep on listening to the same story over and over again.

Those days, when I was in kindergarten, she combed my hair. Sometimes she tied up and sometimes she plaited my hair. Nobody can touch my hair easily except her.

Those days, when I was in kindergarten, he was in the class together with me from 8-11am on most of the days. I cry a lot when I don't see him around.

Those days, when it was a school holiday, she cooked for me. Sometimes I kacau her in the kitchen. She didn't complaint rather, she gave me another fake knife and sayur to chop on.

Those days, when it was a school holiday, he brought me to his dusun buah. Together, we had planted pokok jambu, pokok rambutan and pokok durian. Sometimes, I went to sit beside him whenever he went for fishing at the kolam ikan near our dusun buah.

Those days, I love to play in the rain. I just don't know why. But I love it. So, whenever it was raining, she looked for me everywhere and came with an umbrella.

Those days, I love to merajuk when my parents scolded me. When I merajuk, I hide. I had a small playhouse when I was a kid. I refuse to go inside our house but I love to sleep in the playhouse until late night. He came around and pujuk me.

You might puzzle who is 'he' and who is 'she' that I'm talking about. Yes, they're not my parents. But, they are the parents of my parents. I mean, my GRANDPARENTS. How I miss them so much. Time flies so fast. When I'm busy growing up, they became older and older from day to day. How I wish they are here with me. I'm kinda close to them. Both of my grandparents, they already went to meet our Creator, Allah s.w.t many years ago. Al-fatihah.

p/s: I'm being emotional tonight. Act,there are so many things I wanna share on my blog. Next time, perhaps. :)