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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Assalamulaikum w.b.t

Hai guys!

Okay, where should i start? Mum has a high fever. She can't go to work for a few days. I dengar suara dia pun dah tahu dia tak larat. Kesian sangat. Lepas tu asyik tanya bila i nak balik rumah. This satuday, I'll be at home, Insyaallah. And now, Bapak pula yang demam. Jangkit dengan my mum perhaps. I risau sangat2 and I hope their fever will go away and recover soon. :)

Cakap pasal my bapak ni kan. Since dia ada urusan lain kat area KL tapi dia tetap gigih nak datang UM jugak esok wpon dia tengah demam kan. Pasal nak ambik kamera dan bagi tali skipping untuk i kurus. Tq abah. Pasal i cakap dekat dia kat sini susah la nak maintain berat badan. I rasa I dah put on weight semula. Oh no! Cafe dahla ade banyak makanan sedap dan murah. Kelas Khamis,Jumaat je pun. Macam mana i tak tergoda? Now pun, dah 3 malam berturut-turut i pergi tengok teater kat panggung eksperimen pasal nak elak dari pergi cafe.

Dekat sini bukan tak ade gym. Ada memang ada. But then, dia campur male and female. certain days and time je khas untuk ladies only. so i went to gym last tuesday since khas untuk ladies je kan. First, i terpaku jap. I have never been to gym before. Macam2 kot alat kat situ. Masalahnya, I tak tahu guna. Sadis kan? So setiap kali nak try, mesti kena baca instructions dulu. Tsk tsk. Tapi, yang weight lifting semua tu i tak mampu nak angkat. Last2 takpelah, i jogging kat luar jela sambil cuci mata kan :P

Next thing is, Rasdan is away from me. Whoaaaa dia dekat Perak nun pasal kena masuk site. I tak kisah pun dia kerja jauh2 dan jarang2 dapat contact tapi, yang i risau pasal dia deman. see, my mum, bapak and rasdan tengah demam. musim demam ke sekarang? another thing is, i risau kalau dia lelah again time kat sana. dia kan memang degil dan suka sangat minum ais. Eh, i dah terngumpat dia kat sini. Heeee sorry~ Get well soon dear <3

p/s: I ade dengar jugak ade kwn2 kat facebook yang selsema teruk, demam, batuk2, sakit kaki, sakit gigi la bagai. Orang kata kesakitan itu adalah kafarah dosa. Means untuk menghapuskan dosa-dosa kecil/kesalahan kita. Jadi, jangan angaap ianya satu bebanan dan penderaan oleh Allah. Tapi, anggap la ia sebagi satu nikmat. I doakan semoga kalian terus kuat dan semoga cepat sembuh hendaknya. Amin. ;D

Friday, February 17, 2012

3 stories...

Assalammualaikum w.b.t Hai guys! Ada sihat ka? :P

I malas nak taip entry banyak2 so can i just combine dalam 1 entry ni? boleh kan? That's why 1 entry with 3 stories.

First thing is, kelas i untuk minggu ni dah habis. first class semalam subjek Research in Text and Discourse in TESOL. and i dah dapat 2 assignments. Tapi due date lambat lagi. Tapi tak bermakna boleh delay kerja ye cik zaty. nanti workload tak habis2 baru padan muka. :P And i love the lecturer as well. She's from Philiphines.

As for today's class i enjoy jugak. it is a Research in Second Language Acquisition subject. glad to know that we are going to say hi again to Stephen Krashen and Rod Ellis. and the lecturer, she looks so cute. she's from Thailand. by the way, for today's class we had an ice-breaking session where we need to write 5 things about us. but 2 of them must be false things about us. so for each thing/statement, our friends need to guess whether its true or false. sounds so simple and yet so funny.

1. I love playing netball.

2. I am 25 years old.

3. I'm good in baking cakes, muffins and other yummy treats

4. I am a heavy-sleeper

5. I love to speed when I'm driving on the road.

Now, why don't u try to guess which statement is true about me? Haha okay la just let me tell u the right answer. number 1 is totally wrong. but wait, though i don't know how to play netball at all but I've been a referee for a netball game previously. How irony is that. Act, I'm not good in sports except for lari dalam guni or at least bawa bola ping pong dalam sudu :)

Number 2 is also false. I'm turning 23 by this April, insyaallah. As for number 3, 4 and 5 mestilah betul. Yes, I love to bake and at the end of the day, I eat all those yummy treats by myself. Hua3. As for number 4, because I love to sleep a lot, that's why I don't have time to play any game/sports. and speeding is definitely yes! But hey! I'm not a road bully or whatever hokeh? I always be a civic-minded driver and tolerate when I'm on the road especially when the traffic is snarled-up :P

Okay dear boys and girls, lets move to the second topic. Today is my mum's birthday. I text her just now and it sounds like this, "Salam. Mak, maybe this is too early to wish u but I dont care coz I wanna be the first one to wish u Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you. Though we cannot have our pillow talk session tonight, but always remember that i love you mak. i miss u a lot. take care. -from ur skinny daughter (message sent at 10.54pm)

Seriously, I miss my Mak so much. Every night before both of us off to bed, I will sit near her bed. and we start sharing stories of what happen on that day, gossiping and in fact we talk about each other feelings as well. our topic is random. if my sister, Ira is at home definitely she's joining our ladies late night talk as well. almost everything i share with them. sampai cerita spender kaler belang-belang pun nak bagitau kan.

Hey, while I'm writing this blog my Mak replied my sms just now. Here it goes: Askm. Tq vy much 4 d beautiful+cheerful+meaningful words. I really miss u a lot. No one to do the powerpoint slide show, bed talk, online shopping and etc. I'm happy and grateful 2 hear u r happy with yr lecture. UM studt great! Take care=beauty +health+money+Ibadah :D :D :D <3

Okay Mak. Insyaallah I will. At this moment, I'm crying while I'm reading your sms. Tsk tsk. I have to admit that I miss u a lottttttttt. Okay, when me and u dah free nanti kita celebrate b-day Mak ye. Sayang Mak selalu.

Baiklah, please stop from being too emotional. Sebab kena jadi strong bila duduk sini. Okay, last topic is b-day Rasdan. Happy belated b-day to him. Rasanya i dah upload gambar dekat facebook so u guys boleh refer kat sini. I tak nak being redundant. Sebab almost setiap gambar kat album tu i ada insert every story in the caption. simple je and yet memorable. He loves the surprises; the tiny cake, the giant b-day card with I love you words written on it. and lastly, he promise he's gonna take care of the watch. Laman Grill memang best sangat2. Tq kepada staff and manager. Your hard work is really appreciated :)

Okay goodnight everyone :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi guys! Sorry i ke-busy-an these few days. mmg itu la alasan kalau tak dapat nak update blog kan. yelah, dah tu takkan i kata i busy pasal i nak tukar lampin anak dan suami. eh? :P

I have several great news nak share dengan uols. Firstly, alhamdulillah i dah dapat apa yang dihajati selama ini. Currently, i'm back to 'school' :P Hehe. Ramai yang kata life menjadi postgraduate student sangat tough. Memang i ambek 2 subjek je sem ni. ikutkan kelas khamis dan jumaat petang je. hari lain memang free but then it doesn't mean boleh hu-ha hu-ha sane sini. Frankly speaking, mendengar feedback dari orang lain, memang scary so i berharap akan buat yang terbaik. Insyaallah, wish me luck :)

Second thing, i jugak dapat hostel yang selesa kat sini. roomate i adalah Hana Nadia, classmate i mase dekat Unisel jugak dulu. cuma kami berlainan course la kat sini. and i ade jumpa jugak beberapa rakan2 i dekat Unisel dulu yang dah sambung study kat sini.

Tapi paling best, harga makanan kat cafe sini Ya Allah boleh tahan murahnya. Hana siap nak suruh mak cik cafe kira semula je pasal tak percaya. pasal dulu kat tempat belajar yang lama makanan harga mahal tu standard la kan. kalau ayam kecik pun rm3-3.50 kan. nasi ambek separuh pun kira harga nasi penuh. kuah pun kena charge. tapi takpelah, hal dah lama. so tak kisah la kan. apa-apa pun kena bersyukur pasal at least kat sini dapat jimat duit.

Yang ketiga, recently me and my heart we've got issue sikit. its kinda personal so tak boleh nak mention everything here. biasalah, ujian2 dalam perhubungan. Tapi after berbincang, heart to heart, personal talk and he even write me a piece of love letter, alhamdullilah everything is back to normal. I'm gonna keep my first love letter ever. Terima kasih Ya Allah and dear Rasdan, I'm sorry for everything. I love you.

I think that's all for now. Heee, bateri laptop dah low. nak charge takut pasa i asyik kena renjatan elektrik je. dah 5 6 kali jugak hari ni. something wrong dengan plug tu kot. Hoho. okay take care bubye ;D

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Learn To Say 'Thank You'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Good morning peeps~

Sometimes when we feel upset/mad over something, we tend to complaint a lot. This happens when we wanted/expect more than what we have right now. For instance, we questioned why Mum and Dad wouldn't allow us to go out after 10p.m. There must be a strong reason why but we didn't notice it at all. So, we start complaining that our parents do not understand the 'youngsters life'. Why must we follow them? Why can't they follow ours?

Next, to the certain people they complaint on how annoying their brothers and sisters are. They hate each other so much because they always fighting among themselves.

Hence, we can't stand our loved one being too good/over caring on us. We dislike he/she treats us like a baby!

We even really hate it when we are on the phone with our best friend to share stories and he/she starts giving us an advise like Mum used to! Urgh!

We never stop complaining. Everyday, we keep on saying how tired we are doing the house chores, how busy the road traffic today and how pricey the cost to buy the not-so-generous portion of nasi lemak from the mak cik stall. We are also talking on how stress being a student nowadays or we hate our bosses in the office for giving us work load.

We might grumble on so many things. From A to Z, perhaps. And some of us even talking on how bad is our life. Listen people, yes sometimes life isn't good and wouldn't be nice to us BUT hey! This is not a ticket for us to keep on talking without thanking. We should be grateful with whatever we have.

And do you know that each moment when we start complaining,we also start to forget the grace and comfort of life that we have. Despite of keep on complaining, it is too bad that we couldn't see the other side of our beautiful life.

How to see the other side of our beautiful life? Its very simple. Try to take everything positively and as for me here it goes;

-For all those nags, rules and worries, Alhamdulillah this means I still have my parents and they're very concern about my life.

-For all those fights and quarrels, Alhamdulillah this means I still have my siblings around me.

-For all those jealousy and being too good act/over caring, Alhamdulillah this means I still have a person who really loves me

-For all those stupid jokes, giving-mummy-advises and long phone conversations, Alhamdulillah this means I still have a bunch of good friends with me.

-For helping doing the house chores, Alhamdullilah this means I still have a cozy place to live called - Home

For the tons of assignments and final exams, Alhamdulliah this means I still have the ability to learn

For the pile of laundry and unfolded clean clothes, Alhamdulillah this means I still have comfortable clothes to wear on.

-For the freedom of speech, Alhamdulillah this means I live in a peaceful country.

-For the small portion of nasi lemak, Alhamdulillah this means I still have a good food to eat. Though nasi lemak is high calorie :P

-For paying the high bills and caught in a traffic jam, Alhamdulillah this means I still have enough money and possess own car.

-For the long distance walking, watching the same movies repeatedly, listening to a boring lecture, tasting the terrible food, smelling the stinky garbage and touching a hot kettle, Alhamdulillah this means I'm still in the pink of health and able to use all my senses well.

-For all the cries, childish acts and mistakes, Alhamdulillah this means I still have the room to change myself and lead me to grow better.

-For the slow computer that I have, Alhamdulillah this means it is still working so that I can write this post.

-For all these things, Alhamdulillah this means I'm still alive. What a beautiful life with plenty of beautiful people inside it. Thank you Allah for everything.

"Hidup ini adalah pinjaman Allah s.w.t semata-mata. Tarikh pinjaman hidup kita bermula apabila kita lahir ke dunia. Manakala tarikh pemulangan hidup kita ini hanya Dia sahaja yang lebih tahu."

Teruslah bersyukur dengan segala nikmat hidup yang diberikan oleh-Nya. Bila-bila saja Dia boleh tarik pakej nikmat hidup yang kita ada. I'm pointing this to myself, as a self-reminder for me and perhaps for all. May Allah bless all of us. Amin ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

3 in 1 !

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi guys! I ada beberapa perkara yang nak cerita so i summarize dan rangkum kan sekali dalam satu entry. Ni bukan kes air nescafe 3 in 1 ye. So here it goes~

1. Aktiviti I hari ini just bagi makan these two adorable babies je. Dorang ni kuat makan. I datang bawak kangkung je terus excited macam gini. I tengok dorang rasa macam kesian la pulak. They live in an empty house. I'm thinking of nak beli litter box/pan untuk dorang. tapi nak train dorang tu yang payah tu. Haish~selain tu, i nak pergi cari automatic water feeder yang elok sikit selain toys untuk budak2 ni. ada sesiapa tahu tak kat mana?share please ;)

2. Berat sudah turun. :P The last time i cakap i lost 3 kilos kan. now please add another 2kilos. so total 5kilos within 2 months. No strict diet! No ubat kurus! But hard work pays off!

Ada yang tanya,"Eh, pasal apa baru sekarang kau sibuk nak kurus hah?"

Faktor utamanya adalah sebab kesihatan. i repeat, kesihatan. Bukan nak menakutkan atau cuba mendabik dada bercerita mengenai kesihatan. I bukan siapa2 tapi jujur i kata jantung lemak i adalah slightly high. dulu memang i akui yang i ni jenis tak berapa nak kisah sampai la i pergi check sendiri. the best is 1-3. i punya 14. if cukup 20 ++ confirm akan ada risiko sakit jantung.

So, have you check yours? I was told that kurus tak beerti jantung lemak rendah. *correct me if i'm wrong*. So, i sarankan supaya kalau ada masa lapang sila la pergi check. Tak rugi pun kan? Yang penting kesihatan dalaman kita sihat.

3. Tentang ETA (English Teaching Assistant). I rasa ramai dah tahu pasal kemasukan 50 orang penutur sejati/native speaker ni dari United States of America. Program ni so far hanya berjalan di 3 buah negeri sahaja (Terengganu, Pahang dan Johor). Kat Raub hanya 2 sekolah je terpilih. And alhamdulillah sekolah mak i turut terpilih.

So, I've met Jenna Dionisio and Nicole Moran yesterday. Nicole under sekolah my mum. We went out for dinner. I tak sempat berbual panjang dengan Jenna sangat. Apa yang i tahu she loves eating durian and ayah dia orang Philipines. So now wonder dia ada Asian looks sikit. Hehe :)

I lebih banyak berbual dengan Nicole. Pasal kebetulan duduk makan menghadap each other. Dia memang friendly and she's from Alexandria, Kentucky. Haaaa tempat asal KFC yang kita suka makan tu :P Nak tahu lebih lanjut sila klik sini.

Eh, i asyik taip salah je ni. typo betul. sorry la kalau ada perkataan yang i salah eja dlm entry kali ni. pasal ni kes mengantuk sangat dah ni. so selamat malam semua. before i leave, nah tgk video ni :)