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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Haish lately da addicted to the sims 3...last nite lagi horror..coz da whole nite i've been playing da game..adoiyai mentang2 la cuti sem kn..xleh nons-stop men.. Free Userbars

Okay2..mmg sblm neh aq kaki game+gile game dan perkataan2 yg seumpama dgn nye..tp kali neh da agak melampau..mlm mmg xtdo..da pagi bru taw nk lelap mate..exhausted x_x

previously pnh gak men online game xbenti2..smpai over heating laptop aq..sob sob..T_T

anyway i nid 2 change my slepping tyme la afta diz b4 i'm goin back 2 unisel..ganbatte kudasai zaty chan..ahax ;)

okay2 enuf of game now..lets change the topic..haha..

hurm im looking forward 2 meet up my ex skewl mate..her name is Nik Nor Ernina..haha goin 2 meet up her in kay el next week..yihaa..

da last tyme i met her i think mase bis spm..pastu b4 result kuar dy da masuk utp..family dy plak da moved to temerloh,pahunk..so i've NO chance at all 2 meet her..sedey kn..

Some pictures of us..mase zaman mude2 dlu..ahax..

Kami mse form 5..kt teluk chempedak

dr kiri blkg; farah,erniza,me
dr kiri depan; athiah,mirah and nik
tyme nih mse kt muadzam shah..choral speaking peringkat negeri..hehe mse neh darjah 6

heeee ni la sdikit sbyk sal aq dan nina..kwn da lme..tp mse kt skolah dlu..ad sorg ag kwn bek kami..name nye nadzirah..i miss her..umah dy maseh kt raub ag..tp jrg jmpe dy..gomenasai minna san..xdapek nk tnjuk pix dy..

so till then..papai..ja-ne

Signing off;
zaty xoxo

Monday, December 28, 2009

Padan Muke

Whoaaaaaaaa ni la akibat nye apabila terlalu mengikut kn prasaan ble mrh..

Smlm, ni kes bengang dgn pihak yg berkenaan la kn...xleh mention name..hua3..t kna ban la plak..

Geram punye pasal ak baling hp kt tengah jalan...mase tuh men baling jew..Pastu tros blah masuk umah..smbey membebel sorg2 kt bilik..

5 menet pastu i feel remorse..for baling-ing my phone..cpt2 kuar umah tgk kt jln..erkk da xde

ak pngey adek aku,si asyraf..tlg cri hp tengah jalan..cri2 hanya jmpe cover blkg jew..

adek ak tnye xde pown..awk tggal tepi jalan ke phone?

ak hnya mampu terdiam...dlm ati owh xpe2..msti pihak itu da tlg amek kn..

coz hajat nye nk baling kt kereta beliau hp tuh..tp xkne la plak..

and now ak da xde hp..waaaa...rndu no maxis tuh..kowt2 ade skandal nk msg ke an..cewah..bajet je..

bile perang da berakhir, trase menyesal la plak..hp 2 berada di tgn beliaun dan menurut beliau kt blkg hp tu nye tmpt camera itu suda pecah..sure rosak

da xleh nk posing2 sakan daa...kalo nk repair pown msti mahal..sob sob sob...

ahhh pe lg...mawu hp baru la..memandang kn adek pmpuan dan bapak ku kini telah membeli hp baru..ak pown nk jugak...<---- org tamak hurmmmm now nk kntek sape2 pown ssh..hp celcom tuh da rosak..leh bce msg n kol je..len sume rosak..hp celcom 2 nokia yg slide tuh..so bile tolak terpadam..lampu hp 2 pown da terbakau.. i mish my sony lorh....urmmm...>.<

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whoahhh its already 3.19 am..but i haven't sleep yet...btw, this is not an insomnia keyh..this is wat we called terlebey tdoq until couldn't sleep anymore..my sleeping time da mixed up~huh..xpe2..b4 naek sem bru kna adjust n repair balik.

This sem break is awesome. *thumbs up* Last monday my familia and me went 2 malacca. i failed to recall back when was the last time i went to malacca. If i'm not mistaken i think mse form 4~i guess so larh..

So, went der for 3 days..Monday to wednesday..Reali enjoyed maself der..i took diz chance 2 meet up my two little angels~si nani and si fara..ahax..lepak-ing @ jusco..mkn ikan bakar @ umbai..lalalala...

But, there is one thing happened..my phone jato dlm toilet..b4 nek boat jalan2 kt selat melaka..dgn kamera xleh on..nk taip msg kna pkai ++ sal xleh gne space da..can't press da unlock button..menu button also cannot functioning..at dat tyme i was so pissed off..smbey nek boat smbey sebak~duhh emo plak T.T

Then, afta went back 2 puteri resort i start to maki2 phone sndri..luckily, dy elok balek..alhamdulillah~so that's the end of malacca trip...

The following day; Thursday

Me wif ma ex skewl mates yg sgt crazi n happening went to Bkt Gambang Waterpark..we had joy and we had fun..woohooo..best2 men air..

Teman2 yg hadir; Me(da loud one), Sufina ( da tallest one), Honey ( da cutest), Asze ( da chinese look girl), Ecah ( Da sengal one), Nisa' ( da ayu one), Arip ( da driver), Nine ( da loyar burok one), Khalis ( da smoker), Adek nine, zul pe tah name nye ( da youngest one)

Act, rmai2 lagi yg xdpt juin..coz this is da 2nd trip afta sunway lagoon aritu..

The next day; Friday

Meeting my dearest hubby~yeay..yeap, this few weeks both of us are kinda busy..we haven't met for a couple of days..so of coz IMYSM ;)

This time we changed our destination of dating la kn...we went to Bkt tggi..have a long walk in the Japanese Garden..oh gosh so beautiful~but i haven't got da chance 2 try out wearin da kimono outfit.. ;(

Then, we also went to Colmar..ala yg umah ala2 perancis tuh....nice view~ske2..hehe..coz jmpe swan itam mcm dan juge..lalalala

Saturday; officially rest at home..exhausted afta travelling 4 da past few daiz..
and i feel remorse for not attending wedding jiran..uhuhu..tp smpt ag wt kek batik~

Sunday; on9 and on9 and on9 again...da whole day im sitting in fornt of this lappy and try 2 make new changes for this blog..and it looks so weird now...anyway, time is envy with me..got to go now..nite everybody~

signing off,

..Requested by Adek Zaki..

I've been tagged by my adek zaki~so, kak jat jwb la jugak

Bold the statements that ARE true to you . Italicize the statements that you WISH were true . Leave the fibs alone . Then , tag 5 people to do the same test .

I'm 170cm tall

I dont know what i want at the moment.

Im not happy

I hate my life

I hate my friends

I hate my grades

I can drive

Im bored of driving

I have a white handbag

I love dancing

I go clubbing every week

Shopping is bullshit

I have a tattoo of a star

I got my navel pierced

I have friends that take drugs

90% of my friends smoke

I still hangout with my ex, eventhough our break up was rather nasty

Im studying fashion

I have a bussiness running

I hate cartoons

I hate someone

I have 10 lolipops handbags

I buy CLEO every month

My parents dont know about my blog.

I have an ipod

I dont have faith in the current "one."

My school mates know about my blog

I wanted to be a fashion designer

I love rock emo bands

I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups

Im a rebel

I dont believe in love

High school's filled with drama

My parents have faith in me

I've bought shoes this month

A blogger bitched about me before

I hate sports

I heart italians food

I hate meeting new people

I hate nail polish

The mother bear gives me hugs

People should start appreciating me

High school was the worst time of my life

I have red hair

One Utama is my second home

Im a guy

Im scared of my Biology exam which im going to face tomorrow

I hate vacations

We'll last :)

I believe in long distance relationships

Im going to get high and smoke weed one day soon

I've robbed an old lady

Im starting to start applying make-up

I was a tomboy

At times i think i still am a tomboy

I love bithcing about people behind their backs

I still have a bestfriend

I have a cat

I hate surprised parties

I hate planning parties

Im hot LOL hihi

Im a sinner

I've got a DS Light

I have a WII

I can live without music

Video games are a waste of time

I miss the father bear

I love being in love

I know how to cook

I have 100% freedom.90% for the time being.

Boys are assholes

I hate math

Im happy with what i have

I love horror films

I slept in my parent's room for 3 days after watching Scream when i was kid

My old friends keep in touch with me

I dont read newspapers

The news is such a waste of time

Blogging is a waste of time

I hate animals

I cant live without make-up

I curse like a pirate

Im happy with my 11 year old car

I hate people that are smart

I love Orange juice

I cant drink for nuts

I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity

I've got a new phone

Im going to get a pair of new shoes by the end of this month

I love swimming

I haven't worked out since March

I think im fat

I love my friends and family

***Refused 2 tag anyone..can ah??haha***